Welcome to Rubicon Reserve Wines!

Sick of paying top dollar for wines that are made by big corporations and don't have the quality to value ratio anywhere near right? Well, welcome to Rubicon Reserve Wines a boutique wine distribution company serving customers Asia-wide.

The company was born from a passion for excellence in winemaking and belief that this extends to everyone's enjoyment of it. Which is why founder and dedicated wine enthusiast David Coleman, spends a great deal of time hopping from one vineyard to another, gaining friends and access to the latest developments in his quest to make the world of wine a smaller, more knowledgeable and enjoyable one.

All the wineries Rubicon represents from around the world are award-winning vineyards in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Austria, France and Italy, whose dedication for quality wines has led to accolades and respect from wine critics and the wine industry alike.

Rubicon looks forward to being able to bring back the value and the fun to wine and we hope you will enjoy this journey with us.